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Shogun 2 total war black ship.The Black Ship


Shogun 2 total war black ship


Quick Links.The Black Ship | Total War Wiki | Fandom


This video shows the power of the Black Ship and Nihon Maru in action in Total War Shogun 2. Watch our new Legendary Takeda campaign here: Jun 10,  · When the Black Ship appears send your two fleets to intercept, either north or south. Attack with a single stack and auto resolve – you will lose. Quick save, choose 5 of the other stack, attack and auto-resolve. You either lose, win and capture the Black Ship, or win and sink the Black Ship. If you lose, quick load, send six and try again. As soon as I saw the Asai Clan with The Black Ship, I just knew I had to have it! So I put all my income and power into my fleet to capture this beast!I was.


Shogun 2 total war black ship.How do you capture the black ship? :: Total War: SHOGUN 2 General Discussions

This video shows the power of the Black Ship and Nihon Maru in action in Total War Shogun 2. Watch our new Legendary Takeda campaign here: Dec 01,  · With a fleet of 3 Nanban Trades and 7 smaller war ships, you can easily capture the Black Ship by sendiing in your 7 little warships first and as soon as they engage for battle send one Nanban to the stern and one to the bow to help distract and add bombardment on the Black Ship and send the third Nanban in with orders to board! Aug 16,  · Total War: SHOGUN 2. I finally learned how to capture the Black Ship. First, don’t try to attack it with stacks on the sea. Try instead to surround it on all sides so it cannot move. This means a lot of ships unfortunately, but a few stacks of ships (3) or more should suffice.
Capturing the Black Ship
The Black Ship
Capturing the Black Ship — Total War Forums

The Black Ship :: Total War: SHOGUN 2 General Discussions
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