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Atoll Microwave. Atoll Microwave is a state-of-the-art point-to-point and point-to-multipoint backhaul planning and optimisation software. It allows designing large microwave link networks, according to ITU recommendations, industry standards, and operator guidelines. Atoll Microwave is based on the leading Atoll platform which includes a high performance GIS and advanced data and user management . Microwave Planning software for Link Design RadioMobile is a widely-available software package which can be used for Microwave Link design, including path profiling and clearance criteria, power budgets, choosing antenna sizes and tower heights. Radio Link Planning functionsEstimated Reading Time: 1 min. LINKPlanner allows you to model “what if” scenarios – based on geography, distance, antenna height, transmit power, and other factors – to optimize system performance before purchase. Quickly design networks for optimal deployment and cost effectiveness with ease. Available for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac® systems, is a free, user-friendly link-design ted Reading Time: 2 mins.


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MLinkPlanner is a tool for planning microwave PtP and PtMP links. RadioPlanner is a tool for Mobile and Broadcast Networks Planning. MLinkPlanner Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Microwave Planning Tool. May 18,  · The Pathloss program is a comprehensive path design tool for radio links operating in the frequency range from 30 MHz to GHz. The program is organized into eight path design modules, an area signal coverage module and a network module which integrates the radio paths and area coverage analysis. MLinkPlanner is a powerful and user-friendly tool for designing microwave point-to-point (PtP) and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) links. MLinkPlanner was created by engineers with many years of experience in designing microwave links, from single-hop access links to high-power long-haul trunk lines. Special focus was placed on devising a convenient user interface, the incorporation of adaptable and easy to .
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Micron Introduces First 256 Mbit DDR2 SDRAM Chips

Micron Technology, Inc. reported
on the release of the first 256 Mbit DDR2 SDRAM chips based on NOR flash
0.11-micron process technology. To date, Intel has certified DDR2-400 chips
with x4 and x8 architecture, as well as DDR2-533 chips with x8 architecture. In 2021
DDR2-400 will be used mainly in server platforms, DDR2-533
– on desktop systems.

Most DDR2 desktops will use two channels with
memory (in systems, modules are installed in pairs ? usually. nForce2,
for example, “digests” and three strips); most 256 Mbps
DDR2 chips are currently used to create 256MB DDR2 PC2-3200 / PC2-4300
DIMM, so that the amount of memory in the system was 512 MB (on two strips), the bandwidth
memory capacity in this case is twice as high as systems based on a single-channel chipset
with one 512 MB PC2-4300 module.

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