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Thursday, November 15, 2018.network – hide dhcp/ip request, traffic under lan router – Information Security Stack Exchange


Oct 16,  · – CHANGED: DHCP query logging no longer override configured: syslog level, and option was renamed to “Hide queries” to be more intuitive in regard to the level logging: configured. – CHANGED: Enabling Hide DHCP queries also silences any RA: routine event. – FIXED: QoS page layout in Firefox – FIXED: curl wasn’t using the firmware’s CA list (regression). Oct 22,  · Your only real chance of getting close to hiding would be to run a rouge DHCP server that hands out address on a different subnet to the existing one, ensuring to fudge the mac address of the DHCP responses to match the current routers mac address. To an IDS or watcher of some nature it will appear that the router has gone nuts and is now. LAN>DHCP Server: Enable the DHCP Server: yes. Hide DHCP/Ra queries: No. Lease Time: Enable Manual Assignment: No. LAN>Switch Control. Jumbo Frame: Disable. NAT Acceleration: Auto CTF (Cut Through Forwarding) is enabled. Spanning-Tree Protocol: Enabled. Bonding/Link aggregation: Disabled. WAN> Internet Connection. Wan Connection Type: Automatic IP. Enable WAn: yes.


Hide dhcp/ra queries.Updated documentation · RMerl/asuswrt-merlin@85fb · GitHub

Feb 24,  · This is actually very simple to do. You need a router with a “WAN” port though. A WRT54GL (or WRT54G) is a good example. Plug the WAN port of the WRT (or similar) router into the wall, and then you can run a DHCP server on the “Local” or “LAN” side of the router. The router has this as an in built function. Basic Config Enable the DHCP Server Yes No Hide DHCP/RA queries Yes No RT-AC’s Domain Name IP Pool Starting Address IP Pool Ending Address Lease time Default Gateway Sip Server DNS and WINS Server Setting DNS Server 1 DNS Server 2 Advertise router’s IP in addition to user-specified DNS Yes No Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS Yes No Enable DNSSEC support Yes No WINS Server Enable Manual Assignment Enable Manual Assignment Yes No Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP . Nov 15,  · Hide DHCP/RA queries: No. IP Pool Starting and Ending Address: for easier management, it is advisable to allocate this dynamic IP range to be different from the IP range used in manual assignment. Make sure this IP range is within the allocable IP addresses as defined by the subnet mask. Lease time: seconds.
DHCP Server for the Asus RT-AC3100 – Asuswrt-MerlinRouter Sceenshot
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Asus RT-AC – Asuswrt-Merlin DHCP Server Router Screenshot –
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