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Firefox drag and drop


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The main steps to drag and drop are to define a drop zone (i.e. a target element for the file drop) and to define event handlers for the drop and dragover events. These steps are described below, including example code snippets. The full source code is available in MDN’s drag-and-drop repository (pull requests and/or issues are welcome). During a drop event, a listener would retrieve the data being dragged and insert it at the drop location. The drag data’s types property returns a list of MIME-type like DOMStrings, such as text/plain or image/jpeg. You can also create your own types. The most commonly used types are listed in the article Recommended Drag Types. Apr 13,  · Open Firefox at any page with an image, such as an Avatar image from this page. Click and drag the image from Firefox and try to drop it onto the Desktop. This is not allowed for Administrator, but is allowed for any other user, creating image on the Desktop that can be opened in Firefox.


Firefox drag and drop.Drag Operations – Web APIs | MDN

Dec 01,  · function allowDrop(ev) { tDefault(); } function drag(ev) { a(“Text”, ); $(“#div1”).find(“#overlay”).slideDown(); setTimeout(function { $(“#overlay”).hide(); }, ); } function drop(ev) { var id = a(“Text”); /*implimented solution*/ alert(id); tDefault(); var action = ‘download’; var wall_id = ’62’; var . Jun 18,  · All drag-and-drop features stopped working on my FF That is, I can no longer: Drag items to bookmarks or rearrange the bookmarks – Drag words to the search box or links to the URL box – Change the order of tabs – Rearrange items on toolbars – Move text in text boxes – etc. Safe mode exhibits the same problems. Please advise. Sep 18,  · Firefox has a very annoying feature: when you click on address it selects all and defaults to drag and drop action instead of letting me select a section of that text as a normal text field would do. So in order to select and copy/paste a section of the URL i have to do a lot of additional clicks on the url until i get the desired result.
File drag and drop
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Firefox Quick Tip: Drag and drop URL text
Firefox Quick Tip: Drag and drop URL text
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File drag and drop – Web APIs | MDN
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