Edimax br-6478ac v2.Next-Generation Wireless Networking


Edimax br-6478ac v2


3-in-1 Router, Access Point and Range Extender.Edimax BRAC V2 AC Gigabit Dual-Band WiFi Router


Connect the yellow LAN port of your BR‐AC to the LAN port of your existing router using an Ethernet cable, then click “Next”. 2. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically” or “Use the following IP address” for your BR‐AC. If you are using a static IP, enter the IP. The Edimax BRAC router provides simultaneous GHz (n) and 5GHz (ac) wireless network connectivity for maximum flexibility of use. Additionally, the BRAC router features four gigabit LAN ports and one gigabit WAN port, offering data rates of up to a staggering Mbps for users with the need for maximum network performance. If you cannot access , please make sure your computer is set to use a dynamic IP address. 5. Choose if you want to use your BRAC V2 in its default Wi-Fi router mode or in a different mode. Wi-Fi Router Mode The device connects to your modemand provides.


Edimax br-6478ac v2.Verify your identity

The Edimax BRAC V2 router supports the next generation IEEE ac wireless standard, meaning higher data rates in the 5GHz band. With Mbps speeds in the GHz band and Mbps speeds in 5GHz, the BRAC V2 is ideal for HD video streaming and large file transfers. The Edimax BRAC V2 router provides simultaneous GHz (n) and 5GHz (ac) wireless network connectivity for maximum flexibility of use. VPN access for privacy & security Built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) support for easy VPN access on all your devices/5(2). nto the URL bar of a web browser on a network device which is connected to the BRAC V2. If you can not access , connect the BRAC V2 to a computer using an Ethernet cable and try again. The default userae is admin_ ad the default password is Use the menu down the left side to navigate.
Verify your identity
Smart iQ Setup by Smartphone / Tablets

Test applications: PCMark 2021 Build 110

As kindly reported by BenchmarkHQ, Futuremark has released a new version of the PCMark 2021 benchmark suite. PCMark04 is an analytical tool designed to measure computer performance when working with office and similar applications. The program is easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

This version includes 44 tests. Among the main features of the program:

  • Thirteen tests to measure overall system performance.
  • Additional tests to measure the performance of individual subsystems such as memory or hard drive.
  • Overall PCMark score based on system tests.
  • Multithreaded tests. By default, three pairs of tests are run concurrently. It is possible to select the required tests manually.
  • PCMark04 measures the performance of the following systems: processor, memory subsystem, graphics memory including AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) bus, 2D & 3D graphics capabilities, hard drives.

Build 110 has the following changes:

  • Hard drive tests now work in Windows 2000.
  • For the Professional version, command line parameters are available (allow you to automate the testing process).
  • Improved stability of WMV Compression test.
  • Fixed all found bugs.

Pick up new items from here:

  • PCMark04 (35.4 MB)
  • Update to the latest version (2.6 MB)

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