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Sep 02,  · Court of Oryx is a PvE mode that sees Guardians team up to take on a host of different combat encounters. Patrols and public events in the new setting look set to be featured in the stream, Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Sep 02,  · Court of Oryx looks like a fun diversion and yet another tasty little activity to get stuck into. Oh yeah, there was a sexy Exotic sword called Raze-Lighter on display during the stream too. I. Sep 03,  · Essentially, we’re seeing the “Patrol” of Oryx’s Dreadnaught – the new area for The Taken King – and we get to see first-hand the way things will play out. Laced Up Lauren shows off an Exotic Sword weapon, when we’d only seen glimpses and caught a look at a legendary back in the first stream. It seems pretty impressive.


Court of oryx stream.Watch the Destiny: The Taken King Court of Oryx Reveal

Sep 02,  · I’ll be liveblogging the Court of Oryx reveal stream which you can watch here. Follow along with my thoughts below, and refresh the page for the newest comments on top. The stream Author: Paul Tassi. Sep 02,  · Court of Oryx The Court of Oryx is found in a new area on the Dreadnaught known as the Hall of Souls. You’ll have to seek it out after landing on Oryx’s . I do not own the rights to this video/broadcast! This stream was grabbed from Bungie’s Past Broadcasts on Twitch and Bungie has the complete authority to.
Court of Oryx Stream Recap

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Destiny The Taken King Live-stream 3: Court of Oryx – Reaction

Court of Oryx Stream Recap
Chipsets from ATI for the AMD Athlon 64 platform: less than half a year…

French site x86-Secret got hold of ATI’s tentative plans to release AMD Athlon 64 chipsets next year. It looks like ATI is slowly getting into the taste of being on the desktop chipset market. In other words, it is quite possible that, judging by the latest data, from the release of one “parade” chipset, for show, ATI intends to move to serious money making in this sector.

Pay attention to the table below: both RS480 and RX480 chipsets will have DDR-2 support (?) and PCI-Express bus, with the only difference that the first chipset will have integrated graphics with DirectX 9 support.0, and the second will be discrete. One application from ATI for the release of discrete logic kits is worth it! It is expected that the first samples of both chipsets will appear in the first quarter of 2021, and mass production will start closer to the summer.

As for the new south bridges – SB400 and SB450, I would especially like to emphasize the presence in both versions of the PCI Express bus support, including as an interbridge interface, as well as Azalia audio technology instead of the usual AC97 in the SB450.
К4 2021 – К1 2021
К2 – К3 2021
Q4 2021
RS350: Prescott, 800 MHz FSB, 2 x DDR400, nt. graphics
DirectX 8.1, AGP 8x, start of mass production – K1 2021
RC350: single channel DDR400 variant
RS400: higher FSBs, 2 x DDR-2 667 / DDR400,
int. DirectX 9 graphics, PCI Express Samples – K1, masses. production
– middle of the year
RL400: higher FSBs, 2 x DDR-2 667, int. graphics
DirectX 9, PCI Express Samples – K2, masses. production – K4

RS480: DDR2, int. DirectX 9 graphics, PCI Express;
samples – K1, mass. production – mid-year
RX480: discrete option

South bridge
SB300: A-Link bus, 2 x SATA, 2 x ATA / 133, 8 x USB
2.0, 3Com 10/100 MAC, samples – October, mass. production – K1
SB400: PCI Express, 4 x SATA, 2 x ATA / 133, 4 x PCI
Express x1, samples – K1, mass. production – K2
SB450: PCI Express, Azalia Dolby

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