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TouchPal. December 28, emojikeyboards. Keyboard with lots of features, languages, and custom emoji art insertion. Emoji Type. December 17, emojikeyboards. Standard keyboard that suggests emoji to suggest based on words being typed. Bitmoji. November 16, emojikeyboards. Send Bitstrip cartoon avatars. Emoji Keypad. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard. Turn the keyboard on your phone into fun designs and icons with TouchPal Emoji Keyboard. This fun app will turn the letters on your keypad into emojis of all kinds, smiley faces and pictures that represent everything from food to images from movies. There are also themes with the app that will change the background. Jul 08,  · TouchPal is a free keyboard app for Android that helps you to fast input over emoji, emoticons and text faces conveniently, supports customizable keyboard themes, delivers best next word prediction and much more. TouchPal – the No.1 Emoji Keyboard for Android: – Mobile Innovation Global Award winner.


Com emoji keyboard touchpal.TouchPal Keyboard – Cute Emoji v [Premium] [Latest] | APK4Free

New free touchpal red light emoji keyboard theme will bring your keyboard & text input a real new look & feel. Check this free personalized design for your touchpal emoji keyboard right now! Emoji to use on facebook, twitter, instagram, vk, skype, ios (apple iphone), android (samsung) and more! This icon shows a bright red circle. TouchPal Android keyboard is a new keyboard with fun emoji, auto-correct, predictive text and glide typing. Type fast single handedly by just gliding on the letters! In the meantime, it /5(77). Dec 28,  · TouchPal. December 28, emojikeyboards. Keyboard with lots of features, languages, and custom emoji art insertion. Post navigation. Previous Post Emoji .
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AMD’s new 65 nm factory: still Dresden or New York?

It looks like the intrigue unfolding around the choice of the construction site for the new AMD factory is coming to a logical conclusion. Just last weekend, we already wrote about this problem (see. AMD news about 90nm process technology and plans to build a 65nm factory). Just a week ago, the question of where exactly the construction of production lines for the production of chips with 65 nm and less standards will be started was most acute in connection with a series of press conferences held by the company and the mention of the fact that “the decision to build a factory will be adopted in the next few weeks “.

Let me remind you that a week ago, analysts were just lost in conjecture and named Austin, Texas, where AMD has Fab25, and Dresden, Saxony, where the most modern factory of the company – Fab30, and New York are located; even talked about Singapore and China. To date, there are still no official clarifications from AMD itself, however, Reuters, citing unnamed industrial sources, reports with a fair amount of confidence: a new AMD factory, subject to certain conditions, will be built in Dresden. Moreover, the ceremony to commence construction of a new factory worth approximately $ 1.1 billion. euros, can be carried out as early as next week.

The construction of the new factory, once ratified, will be a huge industrial event and the largest semiconductor project for the Old World in the past few years. What’s the delay? According to sources, the price of the issue is in the approval of a guaranteed loan in the amount of 336 million by a special subcommittee of the German parliament. euro ($ 396 million.). “We need… the only thing: the adoption of credit obligations by the parliamentary committee, “said the source. “We could start building a new factory no later than the end of next week.”.

In fact, there is nothing to be surprised at: the federal and state governments are interested in building a new factory in Saxony no less than AMD itself. Judge for yourself: the currently operating AMD factory in Dresden – Fab30, already provides employment for about 2,000 workers; there is also an Infineon memory factory located nearby, by the way. The creation of several hundred more jobs in a region where unemployment reaches 13% is undoubtedly a strong argument for the government to take guarantees for 80% of the $ 700 million loan. euros received by AMD for the construction of a new factory.

However, it is still possible that AMD will stop at the construction of a new factory in East Fishkill, New York, not far from the production facilities of IBM. According to North American sources, this issue is also actively lobbied by the state government there. Supporters of the construction of a factory in New York state cite arguments such as, for example, the presence of infrastructure, the possession of the region with a sufficient amount of required resources (water, electricity), proximity to other industrial centers.

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