Arl howe voice actor.You Got Tim Curry In My Dragon Age: Origins


Arl howe voice actor


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Knight-Commander Greagoir / Ser Otto / Bann Sighard / Blood Mage Leader / Howe Estate Guard / Howe Estate Craftsman (voice) Jesse Gervais Suave Elf Male / . Nov 03,  · Alistair (voice) Peter Renaday Duncan (voice) Kate Mulgrew Flemeth (voice) Tim Curry Arl Rendon Howe (voice) Corinne Kempa Leliana (voice) Simon Templeman. Aug 27,  · The beloved character actor lends his character to the character of the villainous Arl Rendon Howe, who BioWare’s press release describes as .


Arl howe voice actor.Voice cast (Origins) | Dragon Age Wiki | Fandom

Apr 13,  · Added Arl Howe. I went for an inspired look from voice actor Tim Curry. Not going for exact look, but a similar look. (Also thought about his look from Rocky Horror Picture Show, then decided that would be a little extreme) 05/27/10 Added Anora’s Handmaiden Erlina. Voice actor Characters Steve Valentine: Alistair: Peter Renaday: Duncan: Kate Mulgrew: Flemeth: Tim Curry: Rendon Howe: Corinne Kempa: Leliana: Simon Templeman: Loghain Mac Tir / Caladrius / Ceorlic / Emissary Pether / Haven Guard / Ostagar Tranquil / Kennel Master / Tranquil Proprietor: Claudia Black: Morrigan: Steve Blum: Oghren / First Enchanter Irving / Gorim: Mark Hildreth. Nov 03,  · Alistair (voice) Peter Renaday Duncan (voice) Kate Mulgrew Flemeth (voice) Tim Curry Arl Rendon Howe (voice) Corinne Kempa Leliana (voice) Simon Templeman.
Rendon Howe

Rendon Howe | Dragon Age Wiki | Fandom
Voice cast (Origins)

You Got Tim Curry In My Dragon Age: Origins
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